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Get paid to reduce carbon emissions from your residential developments

Are you a residential property developer, house builder, private landlord, or social housing provider?

Strict increases to energy performance standards for homes are coming. You need to act.

Give us a long-term lease to use the heat pumps, solar PV, and EV chargers you install in your developments, and let us turn your spending on delivering net zero into an investment with a return.

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Our solution

Energy for local places, intelligently delivered.

You know well that a home is much more than four walls and a ceiling. The local place where a house or flat exists matters just as much.

Local places matter for delivering net zero too, and are at the heart of our new, smart energy system solution.

The benefits



Receive regular long-term payments that can cut 25% or more off the cost of installing heat pumps and solar PV.


By 2025

For new projects our goal is to fully repay your upfront costs on commercial investment terms, delivering 100% saving.

Schematic diagram of Emergent Energy's solution to transitioning to a smarter energy system. It shows a housing development and various renewable systems, all connected to a private electricity network, connected to the grid.
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We aggregate individual houses and flats on locally managed electrical networks with on-site heat pumps, solar PV and electric vehicle chargers, to create a smart local energy system, or microgrid.

We operate these systems by leasing the equipment from you and using it to supply green electricity generated on site to residents, who can benefit regardless of their tenure or location and can always switch supplier.

By intelligently integrating the equipment with battery storage, big data analytics and algorithms we cut running costs and reduce residents’ bills while maximising the value of the lease payments we make to you.

Selected clients

Photo of a tower block development in Gateshead


Photo of a modern housing development in Brighton

New Build

Photo of a housing development in Nottingham, and the houses have solar panels fitted to the roofs.



All developments are different and we need to check your scheme is right for us before we can go ahead.

Companies and organisations are different too. We are most keen to work with partners who are proactively seeking to electrify their developments, and want to look at opportunities across their portfolio.

Check out our frequently asked questions to see if you could be a good fit for us. If so, drop our business development team a message using the form below and let’s connect.

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"Emergent’s new approach to delivering low carbon energy could transform the rate at which we can decarbonise housing by improving the economics of projects. We look forward to continuing to work with Emergent as their exciting new approach evolves and more housing companies seek to deploy the solution"

Jim Gillon
Energy Services Manager
Gateshead Council

Emergent’s energy system solution provides the potential for us to both decarbonise our housing and support residents with affordable energy costs. We look forward to continuing to work with Emergent as together we explore the potential for this exciting new approach."

Miles Davidson
Housing Sustainability Manager
Brighton & Hove City Council